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“Prisoners of the Great War” von Carl P. Dennett, Seite 150 (engl.)

Camp Güstrow

Güstrow is a “Stammlager” well organized. There is a side track from the railroad station to the camp and packages are delivered directly inside the post office. After two days’ delay, the parcels are distributed. Drinking water is not good but it is not dangerous. No wash-rooms in the camp; bath rooms are large, clean, and open all the week. There is a large theatre and a cinema. Prisoners may go to a public house outside the camp where they may purchase lemonade at a reasonable price. Canteens are established in the camp, but sell nothing but toilet articles. Libraries, four in number, English, French, German, Russian. Discipline not hard. Colonel in command is a good man and has issued special orders that both the Americans and French must be well treated. Blocks are not separated. Prisoners announce Güstrow one of the best German camps.

Thanks to Doug Johnson / Quelle: Forum 1914-1918.invisionzone.com (2010)